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Pyrex Extractors !! ??

Pyrex Extractor
Saw this, thought it quite amazing.
Normally I’m not a fan of the open-ended extractor, solely because the filter gets dirty and people don’t replace it..
So, that being said, I’d love one of these things because I would replace the filter every time!!

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Un-ground slide and The Reclaimer

Check out this U.S. Tubes slide from The Cave Smoke Shop

It doesn’t have the grinding on the joint.

It was demonstrated that it actually makes better contact (?), and pending test results from a friend who bought it may not get stuck with oil as quickly.

Looks pretty awesome, I think..


Also check out this piece called “The Reclaimer” from Up In Smoke in San Jose (I think they also had them at the cave)

It catches your reclaim and is designed to switch onto a bong or be used as a pipe. Score!

Also if you look below it they have knock-offs of Healthstones!! Pure white stones, crazy right?

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Made an iPhone case…

Zazzle: Cannabis Leaf iPhone Case

Apparently they force me to take a $4 royalty, i tried to set it to 0% and it says you must enter no less than 10% LOL

So if anyone buys it and zazzle gives me $4 I’ll go donate that to uhh .. I dunno, some hemp thing.

Anyways I’m thinking of getting one for myself but not sure yet, I could add some color to it..

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