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New version of Direwolf20 Pack

We’re now running on Direwolf20 Pack v5.2.1

Here are instructions on How To Install

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Thexcraft Server

So, I run a small Minecraft server for friends to play on..

We currently run the Direwolf20 Feed The Beast modpack with some additions.

If you’d like to play with us, here are instructions for logging on: How To Install

If you just want to see some of the things we’ve been building, I made a youtube walk-through of our projects:

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A Minecraft Thexventure

I’ve been working on a minecraft adventure map!

Currently this is the first arena:

Here’s the weird cube-like exterior

It has 3 phases, with sub-phases:
Phase 1: 4 zombies
Phase 2: 4 zombies, 8 zombies
Phase 3: 4 zombies, 8 zombies, 16 zombies
You get loot after each phase, and there’s loot hidden in the map!

I’ll post the map on my blog when it is complete!

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