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Boss OG Budder

Made some Boss OG Budder, came out spec-fucking-tacular



(the bud photo was from week 6)


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Made some Amber Oil

BHO from Space Queen trim / shake (!!) Amazing results IMO
45g in, 5.4g out (12%), 5.9g pre-purge
3x re-vac purged under 120F bottom heat for 2 hrs

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Vector & Power 5 Butane Spray Test

I recently did a test comparing vector to power 5 and checking what if any considerable non-gas contents are inside the can (such as lubricants / mercaptans / etc).


Vector scrapings:

Power 5:

Power 5 tray wipe:


My conclusion is that they are both approximately the same in terms of any significant output weights.

I could not detect an odor from the scrapings, and the scrapings do not represent a full percentage output of my yields.

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A new blog begins

Need to start with something, how about some budder I shot for iDab Concentr8z back in October?

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