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Made an iPhone case…

Zazzle: Cannabis Leaf iPhone Case

Apparently they force me to take a $4 royalty, i tried to set it to 0% and it says you must enter no less than 10% LOL

So if anyone buys it and zazzle gives me $4 I’ll go donate that to uhh .. I dunno, some hemp thing.

Anyways I’m thinking of getting one for myself but not sure yet, I could add some color to it..

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Got a Hitman E-Series Sidecar Bubbler

I ♥ it

Got a few complaints but seriously they are nothing I ♥ this thing.. “Oh golly! What are your complaints??” you surely asked yourself:

  1. The labels — Who looks at this piece of work and says let’s find a label large enough to cover the whole thing! Fuck those labels, and I now know 2 people who have fucked up their labels accidentally.
  2. The 80° bend in the dome — This is supposedly to accommodate larger art domes like the darth maul head or a beautiful toilet.. But I’d prefer it straight for tabletop hits.
  3. The brilliance perc — Is brilliant but leaves some air below it which can mean uncleared hits for ppl who don’t know about it.. Yuck

So that’s it, those are the complaints.

As far as upsides.. This is the first oil rig I’ve owned so it’s really hard for me judge but comparing against most of the rigs I’ve hit daaaamn nice.

  1. The dish is awesome
  2. The perc stacks wonderfully
  3. Feels like a very solid design
  4. It stacks well at an angle & on tabletop
  5. Hitman dome is fucking awesome
  6. Mouthpiece is so much win

Got it from The Cave Smoke Shop in San Mateo for trade of $500 (after tax) which seems to be what I’m seeing it for around online circles.. I had to go during xmas promo for that price but what do u expect it’s a shop and they don’t know me so 5 is what it costs me online or offline 🙂

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Vector & Power 5 Butane Spray Test

I recently did a test comparing vector to power 5 and checking what if any considerable non-gas contents are inside the can (such as lubricants / mercaptans / etc).


Vector scrapings:

Power 5:

Power 5 tray wipe:


My conclusion is that they are both approximately the same in terms of any significant output weights.

I could not detect an odor from the scrapings, and the scrapings do not represent a full percentage output of my yields.

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A new blog begins

Need to start with something, how about some budder I shot for iDab Concentr8z back in October?

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