Roll your own Dropbox

So recently I’ve been wanting my own Dropbox clone.

I wanted:

  • File storage for private documents
  • Cloud-based “access anywhere” style
  • Web + Mobile + Desktop clients
  • Direct linking public files
  • My own hard drives; No limits.

I tried a few solutions.

AeroFS seemed like it was really close to what I wanted…But it was so closed, operated on “magic” instead of logic…Bottom line I could not disable or run my own relay server without paying them thousands per month in license fees (according to an e-mail I got from them), so all of my huge files were being passed through their incredibly slow relay and taking days. Uninstalled.

Enter BTSync, a free Bittorrent-based syncing solution.  Essentially you give it a folder you want to sync, provide or generate a hash key for that folder, and voila you can share that folder with anyone else who also has that hash key.
It has a mobile client that works superbly, currently I set it to sync all of my photos to my desktop PC so they are just instantly available for me with no delays.It has a linux server that turns the entire solution into a cloud-based system if you have the infrastructure for it.

So far, it has been working brilliantly for me. Give it a try, it’s super easy to setup and works great.


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